Posted On : 09/09/2019 06:28 am

Staircases have been in existence since the earliest human civilizations prospered on planet earth. These have been an integral part of traditional homes and have evolved over the years to fit the needs of modern living spaces. While wood was the preferred material for staircases in earlier times, there are now various other options such as glass, composite materials and metal. Of these, metal is one of the most widely used materials for staircases. If you are thinking about a staircase for your home, here are some key reasons why you need to choose a metal staircase.

Multiple finish options: The finishing of metal staircase can be done to suit the overall ambience of your home. For example, if your home has traditionalambience, you could choose classic staircase made from wrought iron. Such a staircase will usually have baroque design, which will complement the look and feel of your traditional styled home. Similarly, if your home has contemporary ambience, you can go for staircases made from metals with shiny surfaces such as aluminium and stainless steel. These can also be fabricated in matte and brushed finish to suit the ambience of your home.

Maintenance free: Staircases made from corrosion resistant metals such as aluminium and stainless steel will not require regular care and maintenance. These also resist grease and grime that develop with regular use. Even if there's some deposition of grease and grime, it can be easily removed with any cleaning solution. Your sparkling metal staircase will continue to light up your space year after year.

Can take any shape: One of the best things about a metal staircase is that it can be fabricated in any shape to fit the needs of your home. For example, if you have limited space, you can opt for a spiral metal staircase that will take minimal space. A metal staircase can take various other forms such as curves, bends, sharp turns, and steep rise to fit the needs of your home. A metal staircase will essentially become a part of your home and will not look like an odd thing.

A metal staircase will probably be a lifelong asset, so its quality has to be really good. The metal used should be of top grade and fabrication work needs to be perfect. It is recommended that you get your metal staircases fabricated and installed by a reputed fabrication company, so that it can continue to enhance the look and feel of your home and be functionally relevant for a long time.